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Array  -  A contiguous block of memory used to hold multiple instances of a single data type.
Data Structure  -  A structure that encapsulates data in a certain form. For example, a struct globs different types of data together, while an array collects many instances of the same type of data together into a list.
Data Type  -  This refers to how a chunk of memory is interpreted. The data type controls whether a certain sets of bits is interpreted as a character, or a short, or an integer, and so on.
Element  -  An element is one location in an array. An element is the same as a cell of an array.
Cell  -  A cell is one location in an array. A cell is the same as an element of an array.
Index  -  A number used to access an element in an array. An index is written in square brackets after the array name: array[5].
Subscript  -  Another name for an index.

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