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Operator  -  An operator is a special symbol that performs an action with one or more variables. Examples are the addition operator +, the extraction operator >>, and the not-equals logic operator !=.
Cin  -  The basic C++ input command, defined in the iostream.h header file. cin asks the user of the program to enter a value for some specified variable.
If-Statement  -  If-statements, or if/else statements, are lines of code that decide whether or not a piece of code should be executed, based on a test condition.
Test Condition  -  A test condition is a boolean expression that is usually used to branch the execution of the program.
Switch-Statement  -  A switch-statement is a statement that performs different actions based on the value of a variable.
Break  -  The break keyword is used to immediately exit from a loop or a switch statement.
Loop  -  A loop is a fragment of code that is repeated until a specified condition does not hold.
Default  -  The default keyword is used to provide code to a switch statement that is executed if none of the other cases are matched.