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Boolean  -  A variable or a function that is (or returns) either true or false. In C, a value of 0 is considered to be false and any other value is considered to be true.
Short Circuit Evaluation  -  This is the process by which only the minimal amount of calculation is done, proceeding from left to right, to evaluate a boolean expression in C.
Dereference  -  This is the process of taking a memory address and interpreting the bits at that location.
Black Box Principle  -  The idea that when implementing a concept, all of the details of the implementation should be hidden from the ultimate consumer. In this way, changing implementation details will not affect programs that have already been written.
.C File  -  A file where code written in C is stored. Often contains the implementations of functions declared in header files.
Prototype  -  A formal description of a function. Includes the return type, the function name, the arguments and their types. In other words, it contains the details of how a function is called.
Header File  -  This is a file where the prototypes, usually belonging to a library, are stored.

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