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by qwerty1234lol, October 27, 2017

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you missed out Sybil birling even though she is an important character
here is some stuff

Mrs Birling is being very arrogant, it is clear that she thinks that she is right "Secondly, I blame the young man" shows that she also has a very ignorant point of view. She brings class into her argument, suggesting that because 'he didn’t belong to her class' then 'that's all the more reason why he shouldn't escape'. Here she suggests that just because the boy might be from a higher class than the pregnant Eva Smith, then the pregnancy is somehow worse and that he must not be allowed to 'escape'", as if having a baby with someone of a lower class is a terrible crime. Finally, she coldly and ignorantly suggests that no one else is to blame other than the man 'If the girl's death is due to anybody, then it's due to him'. Of course, she has no idea that the baby’s father is her own son. She clearly has learned nothing from the Inspector so far.

Like her husband, Mrs Birling looks down on the less affluent members of society. When referring to Eva, she uses the phrases, 'Girls of that class' and 'A girl of that sort'. She refuses to believe Eva's story largely because Eva is what Mrs Birling would call lower class.


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