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Subtitle mistake

by kaythumbs, November 13, 2014

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I can see that this is not the forum for this but I don't know how to get a note to Tony Kushner nor to the people responsible for the subtitles. Had seen Angels in America a couple of times when it first came out so was revisiting it. Now old, I turned on the subtitles. In the beginning, Justin Kirk shows a lesion to his lover, who says it is just a burst blood vessel. Justin/Prior says " It is KS." The subtitle said "It is chaos."

At first I was appalled by the mistake and that nobody had apparently checked out the subtitles. That is still true and yet, it is a poetic mistake. I am absolutely Not calling KS poetic, I am equating KS with chaos. Interesting mistake.

Thank goodness for subtitles in general.


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