HOLY KATNISS: There's a NEW Hunger Games Trailer!

HOLY KATNISS: There's a NEW Hunger Games Trailer!

By Chelsea Dagger

TRIBUTES, PUT YOUR PANTS ON. (If you already had them on, congrats. If you didn't, we understand, because it's Friday, and pants can be uncomfortable). WHY ARE YOU PUTTING YOUR PANTS ON? Because there's a brand new Hunger Games trailer, and you're only allowed to watch it if you're fully pantsed (this is a rule we just made up and plan to enforce with a sweaty iron fist, because seeing President Snow on the big screen has made us mad with power).

THE PANTS, ARE THEY ON? GOOD. Then you may press PLAY and commence hyperventilating.

50 DAYS UNTIL THE PREMIERE, BUTTS. We are giddy with anticipation. A BIG GIANT SWEATY THANK YOU to pingTOWZ, who alerted us to the existence of this trailer; she also wanted to let you guys know about an awesome HG ticket giveaway that's going down—click here for deets!

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Image credit: http://www.starpulse.com/news/index.php/2012/01/21/new_hunger_games_poster_shows_a_fierce

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