If President Snow Had a Twitter Account

If President Snow Had a Twitter Account

By Scott Greenstone

You know you’d follow him.

Letitsnowman: Should I bring back old tributes for HG 75? Tweet your answers with #QuarterQuell.

Letitsnowman: @FinnickOdamn pizza and pinochle tonight, bud? You know, for our weekly hangout night? Starting this week? #newtradition

Letitsnowman: Call me an old fuddy-duddy, but I don’t really like that new ‘Mockingjay’ fashion going on. It’s just weird. #peoplesayilooklikedonaldsutherland

Letitsnowman: On the subject of fashion and fuddy-dudditude, I don’t like that new song they’re singing in District 11 either.

Letitsnowman: Good day! Just got back from District 12, where I threatened a young girl into quelling the beginnings of a rebellion. Now I’m gonna go to the Capitol Carnival and buy an elephant ear. #elephantearsFTW (feed the world)

Letitsnowman: It’s almost Christmastime. I’m getting a group together for caroling. "We wish you were a muttation, we wish you were a muttation, we wish you were a muttation, with creepy human eyes!" #thetwelvedistrictsofchristmas #tributesroastingonanopenfire #godrestyemerrygamemakers

Letitsnowman: How about that Enobaria, huh? #ruffruff

Letitsnowman: Why protect my city with guns when I can protect my city with super-bees and creepy lizard people? #thisissobviouscitizens

Letitsnowman: Getting the shizz beat out of me by angry people. #dontlikethisnewregime #wishkatnisshadshotmeinstead

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