Who Should Play Hunger Games Hottie Finnick Odair?

By Chelsea Dagger Mar 29, 2012

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Team Finnick

Y'all butts can HAVE Peeta, Gale, and Haymitch; I've got my sweaty little eyes set on another Hunger Games heartthrob, and his name is Finnick Odair. Sure, he has more fake girlfriends than I have industrial-strength deodorants, but he's also got a good heart and a mean set of abs—plus, I feel like his trident skills will come in handy when I finally invent a pancake the size of a car (any day now, Sparklers, any day...).

Director Gary Ross has been tight-lipped on the casting of the bronze-haired, green-eyed, so-handsome-it-hurts Finnick, so I figured I'd get a jump on the process and put together a slideshow of some potential candidates. I'd tell you to get out your drool buckets, but I don't think a bucket is gonna cut it this time; it's probably wisest just to bust out an inflatable kiddie pool and hope that you run out of saliva soon.
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