Katniss' Twitter Feed (Spoiler Alert)

Katniss' Twitter Feed (Spoiler Alert)

By Sara Jonsson

Katniss Everdeen
Official Account of: @KatnissEverdeen
District 12 winner of the Hunger Games, reluctant beacon of hope, bad ass hunter, in "love" with @peetamellark.

My dead squirrels bring all the boys to the hob #tbt

This guy Finnick thinks he can get it. #heaintgettinit

Does anyone know how to get water to come out of a tree? Asking for a friend.

"Stay Alive" #adviceithoughtwaslamebutisactuallyquitepoignant

If I hear Wiress say "Tick Tock" one more time I'm going to actually kill her.

Retracting last tweet.

I think it was my birthday yesterday... #?

"I really can't think about kissing when I've got a rebellion to incite." -me. #subtweet

If anyone is keeping score, Haymitch is dead to me. #betrayal #jerk

Debating whether or not I want this "Mocking Jay" gig. #pros #cons

Peeta keeps trying to kill me, not sure I deserve this.

@johannamason girl, you gotta shower.

Helped Peeta remember that he knows how to bake some mean hot cross buns! #realornotreal

Straight up? I am out of shape.

#thingsiamover getting bombed, people I know dying.

RT if you are a giant pansy with white hair and blood breath #comingforyou

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