22 Amazing New Pix and Posters from Catching Fire!

By Chelsea Dagger Jul 23, 2013

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Murray Close/Lionsgate


Have you hyperventilated yet today, butts?

YOU'RE ABOUT TO. Just TRY not to have an assmar attack while ogling 22 slides full of Catching Fire characters doing what they do best: looking DEAD SEXY (except for you, President Snow. That fabulous purple overcoat isn't fooling anyone). Click through the slideshow to check out all your favorite tributes wearing everything from wet suits to wedding dresses, and then hit the comments to tell me that you have successfully invented a time machine and will be fast-forwarding to the Catching Fire premiere on November 22. (If you haven't invented a time machine, WHAT THE HEAVENSBEE HAVE YOU BEEN DOING?! GET ON IT, TRIBUTTS!)

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