JLaw Tells Us Which Catching Fire Castmate Teases Her About Her Oscar and The Fan Memory That Still Makes Her Cry!

By Chelsea Dagger Nov 11, 2013

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Last Friday I hung out with the entire cast of Catching Fire, and IT WAS THE GREATEST DAY OF MY LIFE.

Sure, I've had other great days. There was that day when I pulled my sweatpants out of the dryer and found three half-melted, mostly-edible Starbursts in the left pocket (one red and two pinks!).There was that day when my hair looked Blake Lively-level good for upwards of 17 minutes. There was even that other day when I got to hang out with the Hunger Games cast, and in fact rode in the elevator with Head Gamemaker Seneca Crane (his facial hair was just as spectacular in person). But this day, this day, butts, stands above all those other great days. On THIS DAY, I sat within 12 feet of 10 of the biggest stars in the world—including Jennifer "Katniss" Lawrence, Josh "Peeta" Hutcherson, Liam "Gale" Hemsworth, and Sam "SHIRTLESS DREAMBOAT FINNICK" Claflin.


Myself and roughly 100 other journalists got together with the RIDICULOUSLY GOOD-LOOKING, ABSURDLY WONDERFUL cast of Catching Fire at the Four Seasons hotel in Beverly Hills (in the Orchid Room, to be exact, where there was a WAFFLE BAR featuring an ENTIRE BUCKET OF NUTELLA, which I may or may not have tried to smuggle out in my purse) to chat about the movie, their characters, and their experience on-set. I spent much of the 45-minute press junket drooling and hyperventilating (there was also some light mouth-foaming), but lucky for you, I also managed to get answers to a few of your most burning Catching Fire questions (I did not, however, manage to get answers to my own most burning questions, which included "JLAW, WILL YOU BE MY FACEBOOK-OFFICIAL FOREVER BEST BUDDY AND/OR LIFE PARTNER?!" and "YO FINNICK, CAN A DAGGER GET A SHIRTLESS HUG OR WHAT, BRO."). Click through the slideshow to fall even more desperately in lurve with JLaw, Josh, and every other person involved in this glorious production, and then hit the comments to freak out about the fact that Catching Fire (which I was BEYOND privileged enough to see last Thursday, and which is the greatest movie of this, or any, century) WILL BE IN THEATERS IN 11 DAYS.


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