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By Chelsea Dagger Dec 3, 2013

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If you've seen Catching Fire, you know that the costumes are BEAUTIFUL BEYOND ALL IMAGINING. (And if you haven't seen Catching Fire, kindly hurdle over your desk and make for the nearest movie theater. USE A JET PACK TO GET THERE, IF YOU MUST.) I mean, can we talk about the cozy yet chic Victory Tour garb? Katniss' impossibly dreamy wedding gown? The fierce, fiery chariot ensembles? EVERY SINGLE THING EFFIE WORE?! It was all just gorgeous—and now, it's available in real life! Trish Summerville, the film's incredible costume designer, has created the Capitol Couture Collection, available exclusively on (one of the most fabulous fashion sites in existence). Click through the slideshow to check out some of her unbelievably beautiful gowns, luxe jackets, and awesome sweatshirts and tees—and then hit the comments to tell me which item you're coveting for your closet!

PS. I don't want you to get sticker shock; the price tags on these babies are, like, Capitol City-high. But hey, a tribute can dream, right?!

Dagger Note: This post was not sponsored by; they just generously granted me permission to use pix of their lovely products!

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