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"Okay when the same guy comes back to do another video with 12 year olds you kinda have to see the problem. Am I right???..." More

from "It's Thanksgiving" Proves Thanksgiving Music Shouldn't Exist

"I no longer want to eat candy corn. Im more okay with the butane, and thank god im allergic to red food dye (its the same thats in tropical pun..." More

from 5 Scary Ingredients in Candy You Might Wanna Know About

"Im Green Bean Casserole! Wich makes me delicious!!..." More

from What Your Favorite Thanksgiving Food Says About You

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What Do You Know About Horror Movies? 2688
What Do You Know About Facebook? 1500
Match the Lyric to the Musician/Band 2077
Boy Band-o-rama 900
How Well Do You Know Your Pre-Twilight Vampires? 1591
Do You Know Your Body Language? 1395

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Music, Games, NIALL HORAN<3, Harry Styles<3, Zayne Malik<3, Louis Tomlinson<3, Laim Payne<3


Titanic,Hunger Games,Twilight Saga,Lost boys.


Chasing Redbird!


BVB,BOTDF,BFMV, Ed Sheernan<3, and One Direction!!!


I'm currently going to: Smithville, '15
School(s) I'd like to attend:
Arts Institute for Music