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"Let Love Bleed Red You Kill Me (In A Good Way) King for a Day feat. Vic Fuentes (more screaming in this one) Don't You Ever Forget About Me All..." More

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"Definately the "You First" Method!! That's what the Christmas spirit is about people..." More

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About Me

I'm a writer. I love to dance. I'm a Christian. I'm NBK. And I'm probably the only teenager on the planet that isn't allowed to text. Squirrel Obsessed!

Stuff I like


Dance, Creative Writing, Journalism, Softball, Shopping


Inception, Descpicable Me, and Sherlock Holmes


Divergent, Uglies, Delirium


The Word Alive A Day To Remember The Devil Wears Prada


School(s) I'd like to attend:
USC for Creative Writing and/or Business