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Coremetrics Privacy Options

Protecting the privacy and security of your personal information is a priority at SparkNotes. We understand that you may not wish to have information collected regarding your activities on Please use the opt-out choices form below to select your preferred level of data collection by Coremetrics on Please note that this opt-out only applies to data collected on, and not to data that might be collected by Coremetrics on any other site.

Your status is maintained by placement of an "opt-out cookie" on your computer. If this cookie is removed or deleted, or if you clear your cookies, if you upgrade your browser to a new version or if you visit us from a different computer, you will need to return to this form to re-select your preference.


Anonymous Visitor
Allow Coremetrics to collect only anonymous information regarding your actions on This means the information we gather for won't identify you.
Total Opt-out
Do not allow Coremetrics to capture any data regarding your actions on this site.
Allow Data Collection
Allow Coremetrics to collect information regarding your actions on, excluding credit card information. This means the information we gather for may identify you.

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