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by AutumnTime22, September 11, 2013

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How does Thomas More differ from Thomas Cromwell on religion and politics?
Why do the characters in the reading react as they do to Richard Rich reading Machiavelli and knowing Cromwell?
How does More differ from Wolsey in his opinion on the King’s divorce?
How does Thomas More feel towards Henry VIII?
How does Henry VIII try to persuade More to change his mind?
How does More resemble Henry VIII?
How do Cromwell’s words and actions with Richard Rich demonstrate his political and moral Machiavellianism?
What is the proper relation between personal conviction and public duty?
How does More view the relation between law and individuality?
Why does More tell Norfolk about trouble brewing in the North Country?
Why does More think morality is practical?
Why is it better to be a dead lion than a live rat?
What are More’s strategies in responding to Cromwell’s and to Cranmer’s interrogations?
What does Cromwell say about religious duty versus duty to state, to king, and to native country?
How does More view death?
What does More believe Cromwell’s Machiavellian politics will lead to?


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