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Regarding Mr.Shimerda

by STianF223, October 10, 2013

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Mr. Shimerda CANNOT possibly have committed suicide for this is impossible. The scene has showed that Mr. Shimerda, laying on his side with the gun beside him. Otto's suspicion was that Mr. Shimerda was to lay on his side and put his long rifle in his mouth, using his big toe to pull the trigger, and kill himself. This would make sense, seeing how the scene was created and how there was a bullet hole in the wall until it takes up on account of two major problem, being the Shimerdas are HIGHLY religious and that there were pieces of his head, ON THE CEILING. This would contradict everything. First of all, with the fact that there were pieces of his head on the ceiling, that means that he would have to be standing up to shoot himself but then, how come there is a bullet hole in the wall? Then being highly religious, and since suicide was considered a sin, Mr. Shimerda would never want to do that. Also, as some may recall, Mr. Shimerda actually had plans for the future. Another reason of which this could be unlikely is that Mr. Shimerda had ax gashes on his face and no common man can gash his own face AND shoot himself. I believe that the death of Mr. Shimerda was either an accident or a murder.


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