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Great autobiography

by maria106, November 14, 2012

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Through a series of personal events, feelings, and thoughts, Maya Angelou is able to captivate its readers with her recounting of her life from her early years up to late adolescence. As readers, we are able to see how Maya grows from the insecure little girl in Arkansas to the strong woman who realizes that she can trust herself and will be able to keep moving forward, which is clearly shown when she realizes that she can take care of her son.

During the last chapter of the book, I feel that Maya does a great job describing the feelings of not just her adolescent thoughts, but that of any person her age. I think the confusion and lack of guidance in topics such as sexuality she feels can be shared by other young people, and can learn from her experience.

Overall, Maya’s strong and honest writing lures us into the dark world she was forced to live in, where we are able to truly experience racism almost first-hand. Although a little slow at times, overall this book does a good job. As an autobiography, I think it’s one of the best I’ve read. Great for people who want to learn more about life!


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