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Adam and Eve

by sary56, August 20, 2013

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"Moreover, in the Garden of Eden Adam and Eve enjoyed the fruits of nature without having to work..."
I don't think that's true. Genesis 2:15 says, "The LORD God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to work it and keep it." Adam's purpose was to work even before the fall, which happens in Genesis 3. Also, I don't believe that Adam and Eve fell from God's grace. Yes, God said "you shall surely die" if you eat of the fruit, and they did, but it was actually God's grace that made them go out of the garden to prevent them from living forever (3:22) (which truly would be horrible because they'd experience pain in their labor [3:16, 3:17, 3:19] not just for a little while but...forever. It would be like a living hell). So it looks like Voltaire is more arguing towards the God of the Bible than he may have realized...


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