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bad idea

by hell2pay, April 28, 2014

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To weaken the structure of such an (intricate) attack on a borderline genius and his family 1st you must be more committed than more than 5 minds at play. You must do whatever it takes to luir you (snails) out of hiding you cowards are what entertains me. Now that you and I both know undeniably the web I woven has drawn you all into a trap, as the structure colapses on all of you. If you can heed warnings and believe mis information note that this is a game of chess, so to speak. And you hiding in the night served as a darker place for me to dwell right behind you. The art of conquoring an un seen enemy who seeks control for idiotic reasons is exactly why I am a genius. Now I can truly single you out and swifty finish (the end of what you thought was me). One man against them all who will not die, I promise you that. See you soon


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