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The theme and motif about Lucy's death is a disgrace to this site

by Somethingisbrokehere, January 08, 2013

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Please let me state again: Finding anything sexual about Lucy's death and stating it as "unambiguous" that stake is a reference to a penis is absurd. Have you even read the book? I've read the book and I understand it well. Now here is a question: If a stake really meant penis than what did it offer in the books overall meaning? That a bunch of Christians are killing the undead by nailing their penises through people's hearts? Really? That is exactly what your notes are saying and it is embarrassing to think that someone ACTUALLY BELIEVES THAT! There is nothing in the book that even hints at that.

With all honesty whoever approved of that obviously has not read the book. If this article knew anything about the book you would know that most of the sexual elements from the book were exaggerated over the years and over time (Twilight, 1960s dracula films etc..) but the book wasn't meant to be talking that much about sexuality. What appalls me even more is that this article is claiming that an intense and supposedly horrifying scene is supposed to be representing something that has nothing to do with the book or the book's themes. Come on... seriously? This needs to be fixed.


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