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by chinchilla99999, January 29, 2013

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abcdefg gummy bears are chasing me one is red one is blue one is trying to steal my shoe now im running 4 my life cuz the red one has a knife im running at full speed ahead but then i stop cuz i havent been fed i feel my energy bar depleting but then a turkey begins retreating he whines about his finga and then i prone walk since i havent unlocked ninja i barrel roll into the red teddy take his knife and get ready i stab his fluffeh gooey back and then prepare for the secret attack i drop it to the groung and get a predator missile to move around i hit the turkey and realize something on my tracker, he has god mode, hes a hacker! EMO ermahgerd mil n oreos! this is the plot of this book. it is honestly not that bad. when u have trouble it helps to read out loud!


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