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by YoungMabz, August 04, 2013

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Many people in this world are unsure of what their future goals may be just like this certain young man named, Richie Perry. Richie Perry is a smart African American and well behaved child who had graduated from his high school in Harlem. However, his mother who loves to drink does not have enough money to send him to collage. Richie believes he should join the army so he can escape his future, which he does, he joins the army. He is now being sent to Vietnam to fight in the war to fulfill his duty. Richie claims he joined the army to find out the meaning of war, hero, good, and evil, he will soon find out what all of those mean. During the war he gets hurt and must be sent to the hospital, while he is resting he begins to think and realizes the scariest things of the war. Then the doctor says he is healthy enough to go back and fight, which he does. next he gets back to his unit and finds out he has a new leader. Richie's new leader is a racist and is known to put the "blacks" in the dangerous position of the war. The fact that there is problems in the unit means there is always tension and their brotherhood begins to get weaker. Finally they attempt a deadly mission and Richie and Perry are the only ones sent home on a plane, and next to them is their former soldiers in caskets, which they stand tall and salute to the fallen soldiers.


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