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Possible third explaination of the ending.

by i4cim2b, January 21, 2014

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1. Those chosen to become receivers all had special vision. The Giver, Jonas, Rosemary and Gabriel had some thing different about their eyes.
2. It was ten years since Rosemary's release, that Jonas was chosen, Gabriel Was approximately ten years younger than Jonas and had the eyes, suggesting that he might possible be an obvious choice as a future receiver. He couldn’t sleep, possibly due to bad dreams, which could imply that he was receiving painful memories already. We know that memories can be transferred by means other than touch. How else could Rosemary and Jonas leave memories behind for the community to experience? The baby was to be released possibly leavening the community without a new receiver.
3. The plan was that after Jonas escaped a years worth of memories would be left behind, transferred (by what means?) to the people of the village. They would have to suffer with those memories for some undetermined length of time. The Giver plans to assist them to some extent. “The Giver tells Jonas that afterward he will be with his daughter, Rosemary,” revealing that Rosemary was his daughter. This would leave the community without a Giver. So even if there were a possible candidate for receiver, there still wouldn't be anyone to pass on the memories.
4. There would be a major difference between the perception of the memories left behind by Rosemary and those left by Jonas. The community suffered Rosemary’s memories with an attitude towards her as that of a criminal, her name was not to be spoken. Jonas, on the other hand will be thought of as one that was lost in the river. There will be a ceremony of loss for him. I have to wonder how Jonas returning memories will affect the ceremony.
5.The ceremony of Loss, Jonas memories, the deaths of two babies, followed by the death of the Giver (to be with Rosemary), no one to train a new receiver, might be too much for the community to handle. It’s not clear how long the community will have to suffer. This "mental event” may be more than they are equipped to handle. This society, and the extended civilization believed they could capture and imprison memories and their associated emotions, and place them behind locked doors, believing they could confine memories. (there is still some debate as to whether memories are purely physiological and tied to the brain or if they are stored in consciousness to be carried into the non-physical realms assuming they exist

The story is called 'The Giver". Jonas may be the central character as we see the story from his viewpoint, but I believe the Giver is far more involved in the unwritten story behind the scenes. He was not required to keep his emotions locked away and most likely would have suffered from guilt and anger over the death of his daughter Rosemary and how the community treated her as a criminal. Rosemary was 15 when she died. She would have been selected at age 12. For 3 years she suffered alone. The community knows that, but because of the way children are moved around no one knows who their biological parents are, so could not know that she was the Givers daughter. Still no one shows any sympathy for what she endured for three years. Instead she is made a pariah and stricken from memory. Could this be because of the shame and guilt for their individual acts of selfishness projected onto her?

It is at this point that The Giver begins to prepare his plan to set in motion the events that will ultimately lead to the end of this society, his own death, being one such event. When asked about the nature of his sight, He would change the subject or deflect the question. I think his special vision was Psychic in that he could see into the future, and the memories he gave to Jonas were based on what he knew would happen. The battle scene to prepare home for his escape with Gabriel, learning to ride the sled, the injury to his leg, how to alter the temperature in preparation for the cold he would face, and the sensors he would need to avoid. The Giver, This unusually gifted Giver knew well in advance every detail of what would come to pass right down to the moment that Jonas last memory would leave him defenseless against the elements. I believe the final scene describes another alternative ending that would indicate, and even strengthen the positive outcome.

When Jonas memories, and the powers associated with them are all gone, I think what happens next, is that The Giver sends Jonas one of his memories using the same mode of transfer that brings Jonas memories to the minds of the community. The memory of the sled to get them quickly downs the mountain to the memory of the Christmas gathering where they will find warmth, rest and sustenance. If this is what is happening, then we don’t have to decide if they have found Elsewhere in the scene below. It’s enough to know that The Giver is with aware of Jonas plight and is able to lend assistance should he require it. The music from behind suggests this possibility. The sled is between the music and the scene below. It represents a memory shared by both Jonas and the Giver, and the scene below is from the memory of the Giver. The boys are safe in the middle.


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