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Gaarder, Jostein

Sophie's World

Gaines, Ernest J.

The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman

A Gathering of Old Men

A Lesson Before Dying

Gardner, John


Genet, Jean

The Maids

Gibbons, Kaye

Ellen Foster

Gilman, Charlotte Perkins


The Yellow Wallpaper

Ginzburg, Eugenia

Journey into the Whirlwind

Golding, William

Lord of the Flies+

Goldman, William

The Princess Bride

Green, John

The Fault in Our Stars

Paper Towns

Greenberg, Joanne

I Never Promised You a Rose Garden

Greene, Brian

The Elegant Universe

Greene, Graham

The Power and the Glory

Griffin, John Howard

Black Like Me

Guest, Judith

Ordinary People

Gunther, John

Death Be Not Proud

Guterson, David

Snow Falling on Cedars