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Sultan of Monte Cristo-The Sequel

by keitht7, July 15, 2012

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The Sultan of Monte Cristo is a return to the great classic writing of

the late 19th century.Written as a sequel to the long time loved and

treasured adventure novel The Count of Monte Cristo,Sultan of

Monte Cristo pays great tribute to the original by remaining full of

intrigue and adding more seductive romance with the harem of the

The many exploites of the Sultan leaves you wondering how could

this astonishing work of literary art be so captivating while keeping

to the plots,pleasures,and pains of the original Count of Monte

Cristo. The romantic escapades between the Sultan and his many

female interests combined with the swashbuckling action between

the Sultan and the Gorgon Medusalocks shows the triumphant and

ingeneous nature of one of literatures most diverse characters.


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