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Concerning this engagement, for those of you who haven't read this masterpiece (tsk, tsk), Edward and Lucy became enamored with each other while Edward was staying at Lucy's uncle's home, Mr. Pratt. Because Edward wasn't aware of what girl's were really like comparatively, he thought Lucy was perfect enough to become engaged to her. Both he and Lucy were around 18-19. Later in the story, when Edward proposes to Elinor, he tells her that, yes he and Lucy had been engaged for FOUR years. NOT ONE. He is 23-24 when he tells her this. This fact is also mentioned by Lucy, and several times later. He had learned from his foolish younger age, and found that he was much more compatible with Elinor. I don't know if this is a strange change between different versions of the story, but a one year engagement does not fit with the rest of the plot.


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