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Discuss the character of Silas Marner.

by touhidsm, June 19, 2014

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Answer: Silas is in no way a heroic character. He is not notably intelligent or courageous or unselfish. The novel ‘Silas Marner’ by George Eliot is famous for having some important characters. George Eliot is famous for delineating characters. Silas Marner is the unique creation of the novelist. The novelist has delineated the character of Silas Marner with all artistic beauty.

Silas Marner is a man of high religious disposition. But circumstances make him irreligious. He is the man who is the victim of circumstances. Once he disagreed by fate and again fortune him.

Silas Marner is sincere and a very devoted man who has complete faith in good. He leads a pious life, he is a weaver. But he spends all the money in charity. Although he is subject to epileptic– fits, still he lives a four religious life; still he lives a four religious life, spending his earning in charity. But fortune does not favor him. His soft bosom is buffeted by the treachery and misdeeds of his own. Silas Marner is falsely implicated in the theft case. Though is perfectly innocent. Being unjustly treaded by his own beloved at Sarah, Silas become irreligious. He loses faith in god and Churches. Thus a faithful and devote man becomes totally faithless and lives his own place lantern yard. >> Read the full answer at


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