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Chapters 23 and 24

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Chapters 23 and 24

Chapters 23 and 24

Chapters 23 and 24

Chapters 23 and 24

Summary: Chapter 23

“Is there world enough for me?”

—Jane Frances

Albert is thrilled that Carmen came to the wedding and insists that Carmen be included in the pictures, even though she’s wearing jeans. After dinner, she dances with Paul, who tells her he and Skeletor broke up and that Carmen makes Albert happy. Then she dances with Albert, who vows to be honest with her from now on. Carmen sends the Pants to Lena. In the letter, she says that she and Tibby have used the Pants well.

When Tibby finishes her shift, she goes to the back entrance of Wallman’s, crying because she knows Bailey won’t be showing up. Tucker Rowe finds her there and asks if she wants to have some coffee. Tibby says no, realizing she no longer has a crush on him. Then the woman with long fingernails, whose name is Angela, tells Tibby she knows Bailey is sick and that she and Bailey talked together once a week over iced tea.

Lena receives the Pants on her last day in Greece, and they give her the push she needs to tell Kostos how she feels. She takes her painting and finds him at the forge. They sit down together on a wall, and Lena gives him the painting. Then Lena tries to tell him what she wants to tell him, but her words come out in a jumble. She manages to apologize for the confusion with their grandfathers. Then, racked with nerves, she plows ahead and tells him she likes him. She kisses him, and Kostos kisses back.

Summary: Chapter 24

“In your eyes I am complete.”

—Peter Gabriel

After visiting Bailey, Tibby goes to see Brian McBrian at the arcade. He teaches her how to play Dragon Master. He admits he’s been visiting Bailey every day, and he shows Tibby the portable video game system he bought for her. When Tibby leaves, she thinks about how a lot of small things can add up to happiness.

During Lena’s final breakfast with her grandfather, she realizes that it’s okay for them to sit in silence. Her grandfather tells her she’s his girl.

Tibby can see that Bailey’s health is declining. Bailey, while playing Dragon Master, asks Tibby when her friends will return, and how Brian McBrian is doing. Tibby tells Bailey she’s a good judge of character. Bailey is falling asleep, and she gives Tibby the game’s controls, telling her to keep playing.

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