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by manaf000, April 20, 2014

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The writer tried to describe the emptiness the lonliness the desolation of that backward villge and he created a sudden surge of imports that transformed peoples lives so rapidly.
and suddenly we see a very developed chemical laboratory for getting gold and at the same time the gold can be obtaied from a magical hen very easily..

At that small village there was not any sign of
the goverment and even they refused to receive a representative of it who would apply law and order but there was already a political party which was in disagreement with the government ready to wage war against tyrrany and there was a pleasant surprise the leader of the armed rebels was a colonel from that remote village.
Didnt the writer even give you a hin where the colonel was learning especially whene he was very young?

The author was very hasty to rescue those poor people from that boring swamp so that he turned the gypsies to scientists of chemistry and astronomy and yet he insisted to spoil the simplicity and purity of those rural people and made them pay the dirty tax of the pretended civilization in advance that is to say they became very bad.
Should we refuse the devlopment on moral grounds!

I have to question the necessity of forcing those poor people to pay a heavy price for their rights of better life.
What the message should we get from that!?



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