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a question we all ask

by pala909, August 08, 2012

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For my whole life, I have questioned where God came from. I've always believed in a God and that He created us, but I could never wrap myself around the idea of where He Himself came from. One day, I asked my friend and his answer was quite helpful and it might also help you guys, he said, I think God was always there as the essence of "there". God doesn't exist like you and I exist. Based on the way we understand existence, God doesn't exist. That's why that question is so hard for us. When Moses asked God's name he said "I Am"
And the Jews used to call him YHWH (or Yaweh). But that sound is literally like breath since it has no vowels. And I think God exists through us the way love exists through us. It drives us to do things and to follow a certain way."


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