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important facts

by adamracz95, March 03, 2013

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What is the name of Okonkwo’s motherland?
(C) Mbanta

2. What holy animal does Okonkwo’s clan suspect the Christians have killed and eaten?
(B) A python

3. What is the name of the first missionary who comes to Umuofia?
(A) Mr. Brown

4. How many villages does Umuofia comprise?
(C) Nine

5. Whom did Okonkwo beat in his legendary wrestling match?
(D) Amalinze the Cat

6. In what country does Things Fall Apart take place?
(B) Nigeria

7. What do the inhabitants of Mbanta believe is responsible for the white man’s miraculous survival after having built his church in the Evil Forest?
(A) His eyeglasses

8. What is an ogbanje?
(C) A changeling child

9. What does Okonkwo constantly wish Ezinma had been?
(B) A son

10. What does a palm tapper tap?
(C) A tree, for wine

11. For what reason is Okonkwo exiled?
(D) He unintentionally kills a fellow clan member.

12. What are the outcasts required to do before they may join the church?
(A) Shave their heads

13. What is the name of Okonkwo’s second wife?
(C) Ekwefi

14. Where are the Christian women forbidden to go when the clan hears of the killing of a royal python?
(B) To the stream

15. What does Okonkwo do even though he is advised not to?
(D) Help kill Ikemefuna

16. What crop is king for the Igbo?
(B) Yam

17. When the Igbo refer to the “iron-horse,” what do they mean?
(C) A bicycle

18. What is the polite name for leprosy among the Igbo?
(B) The white skin

19. When do the clan members share the kola nut?
(D) When gathering for social occasions

20. In the allegory of Tortoise, what do the birds give to Tortoise?
(B) A feathers

21. What does Enoch do to provoke the rage of the clan?
(A) He unmasks an egwugwu.

22. How does Okonkwo die?
(B) He hangs himself.

23. Why are the villagers happy when the locusts arrive?
(D) Because they taste good

24. What does Okonkwo fear most?
(C) Becoming like his father

25. The title Things Fall Apart is taken from a poem by
(D) William Butler Yeats


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