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Lacks attention to detail

by prancingpony2014, January 11, 2014

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I've been reading through the series for the first time and using SparkNotes after each volume to help me process some of the larger literary elements I might otherwise miss. The SparkNote for FotR was very good, but this volume has many factual errors that make it distracting. Among these are: 1) the Orcs who capture Merry and Pippin heard a *rumor* about them possessing *something*, not a prophecy about them having the One Ring; 2) Gimli does not see a vision of Saruman, but all three see the figure in the woods with their own eyes and Aragorn even addresses him directly; 3) although it is mentioned in only one sentence that Fangborn is another name for Treebeard, it is puzzling why SparkNotes chooses not to refer to this character with the name Tolkien uses throughout the novel; 4) it is not Theoden who saves the day at Helm's Deep but Erkenbrand; 5) although the previous examples might be innocent mistakes, SparkNotes makes a glaring error in describing the verbal confrontation between Gandalf and Saruman as being between Gandalf and *Wormtongue*, which is repeated several times in the chapter summation. I'm really surprised by the lack of attention to detail in this volume even though some of the analyses are quite good. Btw, I post this having only read through the Book 3 section and felt compelled to write before I forgot all the errors. As I make my way through Book 4 I will post them as I come along to them.


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