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Thoreau & Socialism

by CiceroBrian, February 11, 2014

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The answer to question 2 accurately notes that "Thoreau is no true socialist," but fails to flesh out the primary foundation to support the statement. Socialism is a political force that is firmly rooted in collectivism where the mob (i.e. "society") uses the force of gov't to impose its will on the individuals in the minority. Thoreau clearly abhorred such vile abuse of power. He was a staunch individualist whose actions and writings were universally and diametrically opposed to use of force by the state to impose on people he understood were endowed by their Creator, Nature, or Nature’s god with free will. Like Jesus, he respected the rights of individuals to make ignorant choices like living materialistic lives instead of choosing the spiritual path. Both men understood that we have a moral, not legal duty to help the poor. At the very least, the Constitution clearly prevents the federal gov’t from using its ungodly power to force the citizens of the states to be charitable; socialists cannot even limit themselves to using the club on the state level.


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