Winesburg, Ohio

by: Sherwood Anderson

"Death," "Sophistication," "Departure"

In "Departure," George is leaving Winesburg behind him, taking the reader with him. He has grown taller than his father, symbolizing his newfound manhood, and his farewell walk around town demonstrates the town's inability to confine him, since he is no longer a child. He doesn't see Helen running to say goodbye--she is already out of his mind, having become just another element of the life he is leaving behind. As the train pulls out of the station, George does not think of profound things, such as his "mother's death, his departure from Winesburg, the uncertainty of his future life in the city." Instead, he remembers the little details of the town, the small things that filled up the lives of all the people around him in his youth--the same little details that the reader has experienced throughout Winesburg, Ohio.