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Lost Legends of the Jazz Era

Lost Legends of the Jazz Era

Who says you have to wait till spring to clean out the attic! We here at The MindHut were recently cleaning out our storage area and came across a box of dusty old records (you know, those big, round, black things that had music on ‘em) that turned out to be some pretty rare Jazz recordings from the 1940s!

Just like any other great, bygone era, there are as many famous artists that stand the test of time as there are unknown artists that fade into obscurity. So, to pay homage to the unknown artists of the Jazz Era, here is a list of some of those who you have probably never heard of:

Jelly Fatums
Cankles Johanson
Dairy Rawbone
Terrence “Bloody Foot” McGee
“Screamin’” Bob Peterson
Spazz Tizmatic
Cornelius Jinglewarts
Chancey Lastbus
“Cranky” Hank Spitswab
Horatio Thunderscar
Tom From Accounts Payable
‘Ol Potato Hands

May their legacy be carried forward by the music they made. And may their parents feel terrible about the names they gave them.

Got any more?

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