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The Coolest Motorcycle Chase EVER

The Coolest Motorcycle Chase EVER

This video is definitely worth all eight minutes and thirty seconds of your time. We promise it'll make you wish your were motorcycle-driving hoodlum ten time more than you've ever wished it before (and if you're like us, that's a lot). And if you don't laugh at the creepy cop sniffing the burnt rubber on the road, well, you've got no sense of humor. Now who's gonna buy me a motorcycle already?

Tags: motorcycles, videos, chase scenes

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Jennifer Grudziecki

Jennifer Grudziecki is a writer, intern, and soon-to-be college graduate living in New York City. Her life goal is to be a space pirate, and maybe to write a book along the way. Follow her on Twitter @JennyGrudzy or on Tumblr at

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