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The Least Intimidating Gang Names

The Least Intimidating Gang Names

While our experience with gangs is based almost entirely on watching Gangland on the History channel because our remote control ran out of batteries, one thing is clear: A good gang needs an intimidating name. A solid gang name should strike fear into the hearts of all that hear it. Here are some that should be avoided:

1. The Voracious Readers
2. The Hugs-and-Kisses boys
3. The Friendly Friends
4. The 18th Street Nature Lovers
5. The Green Belts
6. BPOD (Be Polite or Die)
7. Sunshine Cupcake Crew
8. The Warm Fuzzies
9. The Sarah Jessica Parkers
10. The Conflict Mediators
11. The Coupon Clippers
12. The Regular Flossers
13. The Arrive-On-Time Dudes
14. The Ear Flickers
15. The Chick Lit Boys
16. The Proficient Swimmers
17. Hermione Granger Appreciation Society
18. The Blooper-Reels
19. Keanu Reeve’s Army
20. The Library Click
21. The Canadians
22. The Silly-Billies
23. The Silly-Geese
24. The Sillies
25. The Cake Decorators
26. The Wet Blankets
27. The Girl-Scout Boys
28. The Bake-Sale Boys
29. The Reasonable Dudes
30. The Magestic Dancers
31. The Hot-to-Trotters
32. The 3rd Avenue Katy Perrys
33. The Trick-Candles
34. The Eager Beavers
35. The Babies
36. The Todds
37. The Skinny Giraffes
38. The Bad Fighters
39. The Pacifists
40. The Nerf Guns
41. The Honest Abes
42. The Jim-Dandy Ragamuffins
43. The Pudding-Pop Crew
44. The Super-Duper Friendly Troopers
45. The Bracelet Makers
46. The LOL JKs
47. The Sunsets
48. The Vienna Sausages
49. The Crumbcakes
50. The WASPY Penny Loafers

What's YOUR terrible gang name?

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