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The MindHut: What Even Is This Place?

The MindHut: What Even Is This Place?

Welcome to The MindHut. If your buddy tells you he's been here before, he's lying.

You are the first—part of the chosen pack—who shall pave the way for geeks of the future on this new site.

We, The MindHut editors, are passionate geeks. What we lay out before you is our own nerdy paradise, where humor meets gaming, comics, sci-fi, music, movies, and fantasy. For us, The MindHut is a dream come true—a place where geeks can learn, teach, laugh, and fart alone in their bedrooms. But of course, the survival of this great land is up to you, geeky warriors. The fate of this site rests within your fingertips. Only you have the power and the know-how to make this golden kingdom thrive, but we editors do have this wisdom to impart:

  • Destroy your cloak of invisibility. Covert lurkers will only result in geek tragedy. Show yourself, young warrior! Comment in the comments! Send us blog posts, vlog posts, and ideas! Be brave, and email!
  • Use your powers for good, not evil. Respect your fellow warrior, for we are all in this battle for The MindHut together. Not every HutHead will have your depth of knowledge and innate skills at all things geek. Take these willing n00bs under your wing. Show them the way.
  • Cover all territory. For if The MindHut shall o'ertake the galaxy on behalf of all geeks, we must begin with Twitter and Facebook. Follow us. Like us. Spread the word. And make The MindHut your own.


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