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PlayStation 3 Games in Development

PlayStation 3 Games in Development

It seems like every time we turn around, there’s a new incredibly expensive, incredibly high tech, incredibly free-time-eating gaming console coming out. These companies just keep trying to one-up each other with systems that are controlled by the movement of your remote, your body, and even your mind (we made the last one up [or did we ?{muah-ah-ah!}]).

We’re all waiting for 2013 to roll around so we can plunk down our $750,000,000 for the new Xbox 720, but in the meantime we have to rely on the creativity of the game developers to come up with some inspired titles for the systems that actually exist. And we just happen to have an exclusive list of some upcoming titles that Sony has in development currently for their grand old system, the PlayStation 3:

Sleep Sleep Revolution
Use Sony’s brand new body scan technology to out-nap your rival. Extra bonus round points for every REM Cycle completed!

Star Wars Chronicles: Bakin’ with the Ewoks
While Luke and Han are away defending the tree-fortress from Imperial troops, you get to stay back and bake Dak-Chu Chu fiber muffins with Wicket. Fun.

John Madden’s Paper Football 2012
Forget the Big 10 or the ACC. It’s time for some big league action with that little triangle of paper! Oh, and you know that bad boy’s college ruled!

Halo 5: Where’s Waldo?
The year is 2555. The Earth is a smoking shell of what it once was. The orders have been given to evacuate… but not until you find one last man. A man in a white and red striped sweater.

Mario Shopping Cart
The economy has really hit the Mario Brothers hard. Mario’s been forced to clip coupons. Follow him on a wild trip through the supermarket as he races looks for crazy savings!

Resident Evil: The Game of the Movie of the Game… of the Movie?
In the distant future… or the distant past… there’s a group of renegades who are… uh, trying to hunt something? Or survive? Honestly, at this point, we don’t even know what’s going on.

Throwing Radishes at a Rusty Can. In 3D.
It’s radishes! It’s rusty cans! It’s 3D!

Connect Four: The Apocalypse
The fate of humanity and mankind hangs in the balance of Sarah and Tim’s Sunday afternoon game of Connect Four!

Paper Airplane Flight Simulator
Take a white knuckle ride inside the sleekest, most sophisticated, most high-tech 12 second ride you’ll ever embark on.

The Sims: Chalk Factory!
Build, develop, and rule over your very own Chalk Factory with the iron fist of a blood thirsty dictator.

Grand Theft Auto: Peoria After Dark
The streets of Peoria, Illinois seem harmless in the light of day. But when the sun sets… they’re actually still pretty harmless, actually.

Come to think of it, that offer to play Battleship with Mom and sis this weekend isn’t sounding so bad, after all.

What are some games you’d like to see on PlayStation 3?

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