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World's Worst Restaurants

World's Worst Restaurants

It seems like every day there’s a new, hip, and expensive place to eat opening up, asking us to pay Prince William prices for Kate Middleton-sized portions. And more and more of the happening restaurants are less about food and more about attitude and appearance. Well, we haven’t forgotten what’s really important: the grub!

And we aren’t going to sit here and bark at you about what places you have to go to for the best pizza, noodles, or jelly-donut hamburgers. (What? They exist.) No, instead, we think it is our duty to warn you against those establishments that fall to the very bottom of the list. The diners that will give you dysentery. The blue plate specials that will leave you blue. In short: the worst of the worst. These, friends, are the world’s worst restaurants.

Missy Mae’s Home-Fried “Things”

Room Temperature Beef Palace

Catch It, Kill It, Eat It… Express!

Kentucky Boiled Chicken

Crazy For Rutabagas

Trash Can Roulette

The International House of Racial Tension

The Peoria, Illinois Amtrak Bathroom and Dim Sum Emporium

Only Mustard

Al’s Vintage Meats

Chez Residue

Got another terrible restaurant name to add to the list?

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