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Professional Wrestlers of MindHut

Professional Wrestlers of MindHut

Can you SUH-MELLLLL… what MindHut is cookin’!?

Okay, not literally, but figuratively. Actually, not figuratively, either. You know what, we’re not really sure what the heck that even means. We just wanted to come up with a cool, professional wrestling catchphrase to intro this piece and it looks like we may have failed.

You know what hasn’t failed though? Professional wrestling! It is consistently one of the most popular forms of entertainment for the last three decades and has produced some of the most talked about and controversial stars in all of show-biz. So, does it even matter if there’s the slightest of possibilities that the events in the ring may or may not be scripted?

Of course not! It’s all about the Piledrivers, the Scissor Drops, the Head Butts… but, most importantly, the personalities. That’s why we at MindHut have decided to start our own Professional Wrestling company: The National MIndHut Wrestling and Crocheting Association (we got a bigger meeting room if we coupled with the Crocheting Assosh).

So, without further ado, let us officially present to you the starting lineup of NMWCA Superstars!

Pocket Lint Larry
Fancy Timothy Crumpet
The Ghost of William McKinley
‘Lil Dish Towel
The Big Bad Thesaurus
Allen Cumming’s evil twin brother, Ballen Bumming
Stereotypical Southern Lawyer
The Zombieber
Caleb, The Six Foot Toddler
“DMV” Donald Swearingen
Pierre, The Insane Sommelier
The Human Headache
Pedestrian Crosswalk Sign
Mickey “Lights Himself On Fire” Diablo
ChetSweat86, the Chat Room Troll

We’ll see you in the ring!

What's your name?

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