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Movie Sequels We'd Like to See

Movie Sequels We'd Like to See

Some movies are so good, we just can’t get enough the first time around. True, there’s a Hollywood history of terrible sequels, but think of all the possibilities left after those ending credits roll.

Well, we’ve decided to indulge our fantasies and come up with some of the sequels we’d most like to see get made.

Braveheart 2: Brave-heartier!
Those Scots are back and they’re angrier than ever! More swords, more blood, more fighting, and… uh… they’re not quite sure why they’re fighting now, though. They don’t really have a clear cut objective or reason for their anger, but one thing’s for sure: there will be face paint!

Apollo 14
This is the harrowing tale about the mission right after the Apollo 13 flight. Just as everything seems to be going to plan, the crew makes a breathtaking discovery: the flight has been stocked with NO Tang. Tensions rise and personalities flare in this claustrophobic thriller.

Citizen Kane 2: Rosebud’s Revenge
They thought it had been destroyed. They thought there was nothing left of it but a pile of ash. They. Were. Wrong. The forgotten sleigh has now been possessed by the soul of Kane himself, and he’s back to settle some scores. Oh what fun it is tonight in a one horse open… slay!

The King’s Next Speech
His stutter under control, now King George can focus on World War II. Or can he? King George can’t stop biting his fingernails, and it’s up to the roguish Lionel Logue to use every trick in his unorthodox book to keep His Majesty’s fingers out of his mouth while addressing the troubled nation.

Dances with Housecats
It’s been years since his time with the Native Americans, and Lt. Dunbar has retired to the suburbs. Feeling the itch to commune with the animal kingdom again, Dunbar takes in every alley cat he can find and begins a magical, and smelly, journey to the center of his soul.

Slumdog Thousand-aire
Jamal has spent through all of his winnings from Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, and he’s desperate to get onto another game show. After falling through the floor on the Indian version of Who’s Still Standing, Jamal goes on a lottery ticket bender and spends his winnings on cherry Slushies.

No Country for Babies
Anton Chigurh has hung up his gun and traded it in for a day care center! Only problem is, if he doesn’t raise $10,000 by Friday, a huge corporation is going to shut it down and replace it with a shopping mall. It’s up to Anton to raise the money by putting on a baby talent show! And shooting people.

What sequel do you want to see?

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