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Cupid's Twitter Feed

Cupid's Twitter Feed

With Valentine’s Day coming up, romance and love are on the rise. And there’s one guy we know who this means big business for: Cupid. That’s right, the man-baby with the diaper and the arrows is crazy busy this time of year. He gets more VIP room invites than David Beckham and Lady Gaga combined!

So, to give you an inside look at just how insane this guy’s social and personal life are, we thought we’d let you look at some of Cupid’s Twitter posts from the last week or so:

Out of arrows again. This midnight sneak peak showing of “The Vow” is like spearing tilapia in a barrel. #RachelMcAdamsIsHOT

#FF @ActuallyVenus @PsychePath @MarsGodofWar @UsherRaymondIV

If one more old lady pinches my cheek, I’m sticking an arrow where the sun don’t shine. #NotABaby

Mom is sooo embarrassing. Goddess of love? More like Goddess of Put Some Clothes On! #ActYourAge

Anyone out there know anything about renewing Norton Antivirus!? So frustrating! Hit me up.

I’m so tired of haters bringing up my supposed “fued” with @IAmEros! Drop it. He’s a cool guy.

The line here is RIDIC! But it’s totes worth it. Green tea with granola, boyeee! #Pinkberry

Another birthday, another Baby Gap gift card. Eh. #BeOriginal #OnlySoManyOnesiesAManCanTake

Thinking of switching from cloth to disposable. Thoughts?

Officially OVER @IAmEros. He is DEAD to me.

Dad, we get it. You’re the #GodOfWar. Now, please put a shirt on while mowing the lawn. #Mortified

Out of arrows, again! #ThirdTripToArmyNavyStoreThisWeek

Rereading The Notebook WHILE watching it, simultaneously. This is my jam! #RachelMcAdamsIsStillHOT

My wings are SORE this morning! What did I do last night?!

Hangin’ with my bestie, @IAmEros at Olive Garden. Unlimited Salad, Breadsticks, and Friendship. #NoDrama

What else is on Cupid's Twitter?

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