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Cheapskate Reviewer: Graffiti6, Foo Fighters, and More

Cheapskate Reviewer: Graffiti6, Foo Fighters, and More

Welcome to the weekly installment of The Cheapskate Reviewer, a look at iTunes free weekly music. Motto: I know good music. I just don’t have the money for it.

Single of the Week: “Free (Edit)” byGraffiti6. With a bass line that throws you back to the '80s and a melody line that reminds of Seal or Norah Jones, but vocals that are all their own, Graffiti6 does a more than passing job on this single. Released with the whole album, Colours, by two “London multi-instrumentalists,” this song is fun and intriguing. Three out of five stars.

Video of the Week: “These Days” by the Foo Fighters. Filled with footage of frontman Dave Grohl getting ready to leave home on Foo Fighters’ New Zealand and Australia tour, the band playing on stage, traveling between shows, Pat Smear (rhythm guitarist) trying to be a superstar but just looking like an old guy dancing in his bedroom and trying to smash his guitar (0:48) ineffectively, and drummer Taylor Hawkins always, always shirtless, this video doesn’t disappoint. The Foo Fighters are effortlessly likeable, accessible, and funny. Four out of five stars.

Indie Spotlight: “Friends of Friends” by Hospitality. Imagine getting your school orchestra and a garage band together, giving them a bad sub for a conductor, and then right when they start playing some girl walks in and starts singing for no reason… I’m pretty sure that’s what happened here. Oh, and then someone comes in with a whip at about 2:13 and everything sort of goes crazy. But this is indie, after all. Maybe it’s supposed to sound this way. Two out of five stars.

Christian Single of the Week: “Exalted One” by Elevation Worship. Elevation Church’s worship band puts out an energetic piece that seems to mix Jesus Culture and Hillsong’s styles. Unfortunately, they don’t pull it off as well as Jesus Culture or Hillsong. The result is a song that you’ll enjoy as much as any other worship song, but that fails to say anything new. Three out of five stars.

Orchestral Piece of the Week: The Four Seasons, Op. 8, Concerto No. 2 in G Minor, RV 315 “Summer”: III. Presto by Nicola Benedetti & Scottish Chamber Orchestra. This is one of the best parts of all of Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons concertos, and those Scots do the energetic violin parts total justice. Three out of five stars.

What did you think of this week's iTunes freebies?

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