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How To Celebrate Valentine's Day Without Being a Cheesy Sellout

How To Celebrate Valentine's Day Without Being a Cheesy Sellout

Valentine’s Day. It’s so… stupid. But you know what’s not stupid? Your girlfriend. And she wants you to do something special. So, how do you reconcile your feelings about the lameness of the holiday with your desire to keep your girlfriend happy? The answer is not simple, but there are a few easy, fun, but still romantic things you can do. Because, let’s face it: you’re lucky to have her.

Amplify your usual hangouts. Whether you like watching movies, going to concerts, going out to eat, or playing video games—do it with a little extra romance. Perhaps you can surprise her with tickets to a concert for a band she likes, or you can go to that sushi place she loves and you think is kinda lame. Whatever it is, showing her you care is what matters.

Cook her something. Even if you have no idea how to make anything, a woman loves (1) a good effort, and (2) a man in the kitchen. If you’re nervous, find something with detailed instructions and not too many ingredients that you both can enjoy. Or team up with a friend who also has a girlfriend, and cook something together. Speaking of…

Plan a group date. Double or triple dates can be really fun—even if it’s just grabbing pizza and watching a movie at someone’s house. You’ll get to see another couple grossly slobber all over each other, so when you rehash with your GF later that night, you’ll have so much to talk about.

Write a nice card. This starts to fall into cheesy sellout territory, but hear me out. Girls love cards because it’s something tangible she can put on her mirror or desk and reread it when she’s feeling down. Even if it’s not “love” or “forever,” you can tell her that you love that she has a new meme addiction every week, she has the best laugh, or that she’s the coolest girl you know. And like your mom always says, homemade is best.

Get her something nice. Again, you might be treading on cheesy sellout territory here, but “nice” doesn’t necessarily mean tacky, predictable, or expensive. That scarf you guys saw at the mall or a nail polish in her favorite color—those things show you listen to her and know what she likes. Valentine’s Day doesn’t need to be some big deal, but tokens of affection are always appreciated.

Do something different. There are surely some weird things to do in your town that you've never done before. Take her to the aquarium, Beauty and the Best 3D (hint: girls love Disney), that weird llama petting zoo… the point is, get outside your comfort zone and do something a little silly.

Frame a picture of the two of you. Try not to barf on it. Trust me. Girls love that.

What are your plans for the big day? Do you feel the pressure to do something big and cheesy?

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