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Remember How We Said Battleship Was Going to Get You a Date? YEP, STILL TRUE.

Remember How We Said Battleship Was Going to Get You a Date? YEP, STILL TRUE.

Back when the Battleship trailer first came out, I painted you a glorious picture of how you could use this action-packed thrill ride to win your crush's undying affection. Some of you (foolishly) doubted that RIHANNA, Liam Neeson's jawline, and supremely badass special effects could totally alter the course of your love life, saying "Meh, epic water battles, buttever. My crush is allergic to movie theaters." To those doubters, I say, BEHOLD: THE NEWEST BATTLESHIP TRAILER.

If you weren't convinced the first time around that this flick held the power to woo the apple of your eye, then this brand new 60-second teaser (which debuted yesterday during the Super Bowl) will change your mind. Why? Because there is an EXTINCTION-LEVEL EVENT taking place, and TAYLOR KITSCH is the only one who can save us. It doesn't matter if your crush is allergic to movie theaters; after seeing this trailer, they will risk life and limb to sit next to you in the local cinema and inhale Sour Patch Kids as the wondrous magic of Battleship washes over you both.

As Rihana would say, "BOOM." Usually we aren't action movie fans, but this one has us HOOKED. How could anyone resist the allure of this amazing cast? GAH, we wish it was May 18 already!

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