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Amazing Spider-Man Trailer Debuts, People Forget About Tobey Something

Amazing Spider-Man Trailer Debuts, People Forget About Tobey Something

Marvel Comics and Columbia Pictures have set out to answer one of life's great questions: if you reboot a film franchise after only ten years but nobody really liked Spider-Man 3, HOW SWEET DOES THIS MOVIE LOOK?! While it certainly seems strange to tank a big financial success like the original Spider-Man pictures after only three movies, stars Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst were undeniably getting pretty old for their roles, and a lot of fans had very unkind things to say about their last foray into Spider-Man's world. So what do our friends in Hollywood do? How about recasting two hot young-ish actors in the main roles and starting the whole thing over again? Sounds good to us!

The trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man dropped today, a little less than five months until the movie sees release on Fourth of July weekend. Despite some initial bad vibes from fans, this two-minute peek at the film seems to be winning a lot of people over, and it's not hard to see why. There's a lot to like about this trailer, but also a couple things that give us pause. We break down our thoughts for you below. What do you guys think?


-Nice title. The Amazing Spider-Man pops in a way that just Spider-Man doesn't, and it's also a cool comic book callback.

-Andrew Garfield seems very comfortable in the title role, taking on Spidey's angsty and funny aspects equally well (we're loving that car theft scene). And again, he just looks younger than TobeyMac, especially by that third movie.

-Emma Stone's in it.

-The Lizard's a great choice of villain, someone the previous trilogy could really have taken advantage of. His connection to Peter's scientific side makes him a natural antagonist.

-Speaking of science, this movie seemingly won't shy away from it. The last Spider-Man trilogy really lost its connection to reality by the third installment.

-Seriously, Emma Stone's a babe.

-The action scenes/stunts look pretty wild, and Peter's first web-slinging through NYC will have the benefit of 10 years better CGI technology over the first film.

-This movie probably injured less stuntpeople than Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark.

-Emma Stone, marry me so hard?


-Though Garfield does fine in the role, some may be concerned about the general tone this movie seems to be taking. A lot of the elements in the trailer (lighting and MUSIC especially) are very, very dark, which doesn't totally work for the character. Spider-Man's got his bad days, sure, but he's a goofy, quippy guy at heart. We hope the rest of the movie can rise to meet Garfield's seemingly nuanced acting.

-Judging by the trailer, the Lizard CGI doesn't look great—perhaps it's not done?

-This is totally a comic geek complaint, but Marvel missed a real opportunity with this reboot to throw Spider-Man into the same world as their other movies. It would have been crazy fun to see him hanging out with Nick Fury and the Avengers.

What do you think about the new trailer?

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