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Dating Rules from Teen Girls

Dating Rules from Teen Girls

On our sister site, SparkLife, we recently asked teen girls if they have any rules for dating—things guys must do, dealbreakers, etc. AND HOLY SHITAKE MUSHROOMS DO THEY EVER. Read this list to find out what the ladies are looking for...

The Touchy Rule: According to Pseudo Hobbit, you should be more touchy than your date, because if left to the girl, she will leave at least a foot between herself and everybody else, and that's not good.

The Don't Be A Buttwipe Rule: Amyga17 says, "Never date anyone who tries to tell you what you can or can't do, or discourages you from doing something you love or from hanging out with someone(s)."

The Nose Rule: melian24 says it is a basically a bad idea to date Voldemort, or anyone without a nose. Point noted.

The Disney Rule: Never make fun of a girl for watching Disney movies. Especially not The Lion King. That's just bad form, dude. Especially if that girl happens to be singingforlife96.

The Model RuleHere's a gem from pithobbit730: If you don't like what you see when she's not wearing make up, then that's your problem. And it's a problem that you certainly shouldn't voice.

The Reasonable Intelligence Rule: A you have to be able to tell when your girl is being sarcastic, and when she's not. So don't be dumb. (Credit for this rule goes to goalgirl15, IBlameWhatshisName, and many others.)

The Geek Rule: Never date a fake geek. Properly dateable boys must like at least one of the following: Harry Potter, the Hunger Games, John Green, A Very Potter Musical, Dr. Who, or another appropriately Geeky thing. (This rule came from basically every girl out there, but especially melodypond, IBlameWhatshisName, fluffygirl236, and ~Extreme_Harry_Potter_Freak~.)

The Spontaneous Singing Rule: According to IBlameWhatshisname, you should NEVER, ever, ever make mean, rude, or insensitive comments when a girl breaks into song. Especially if that comment should be a criticism of her taste in music.

The Not-a-mute Rule: A tip from the world's female population (but especially hermionerules5): No matter how introverted or extroverted a girl may be, you should always try to hold intelligent conversation with her—whether that means shutting up and listening or voicing your opinion (nicely).

The Suspenders Rule: You must be willing to wear suspenders, should your girl of choice ever demand it. This just falls within the laws of chivalry, dude—go out of your way to make her happy. (Credit to allmyluvforthedowntownfiction for this gem.)

The Law of Criss: Essential for any Potter-loving girl's boy, here's a tip from yodaitlin...If you don't like her when she's squealing like a fangirl, give up now.

The Wimp Rule: Don't act afraid of her older brother, or her parents, or you are a wimp and therefore unacceptable. Nervous? Yes. Scared out of your wits? Never. This advice brought to you by TheEmbarrassmentNinja.

The Not a Loser Law: EveryOtherUsernameTaken has a tip:  Be accepting of yourself and others, and don't be scared to claim your love in public. Never push her to do something she doesn't want, or give her orders.

The Thestral Law: And finally, brought to you by ZombehFaerie, understand that your girl likes fantasy and accept it. And be willing to talk about it. Really, this goes for anything she's in to.

Do you have rules for dating?

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