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Cheapskate Reviewer: Two Ladies, a Guy, and a Band of Skulls

Cheapskate Reviewer: Two Ladies, a Guy, and a Band of Skulls

Scott reviews this week's free iTunes music.

Sweet Sour”—Band of Skulls. Fans of heavy rock might enjoy this song, but I think it’s about sex. That would explain the lyrics “sour by the minute but you’re sweeter by the hour,” and the lyrics—well, I don’t know if I should repeat those (I have a suspicion that my mom reads this column). Three out of five stars: The e-guitar riffs are enough gain your awe, but this song is, in the end, forgettable.

Free”—Ben Kweller. Aren’t there just about five bajillion songs in the world titled “Free”? I know I reviewed one last week. With a little bit of country, a little bit of grungy vocals and a nice lyrical idea, this song is probably one of the better ones I’ve reviewed so far. Only weird thing is what Kweller after the choruses. He goes chimp at about 1:45 and does motorboat mouth at 3:25. This just made me laugh. Three out of five stars.

Indie Spotlight: “Serpents”—Sharon Van Etten. Have you ever tried to run in a dream? Your feet sink in or for some reason you can’t move, and then Willem Dafoe catches you and cooks your abdomen in his Dutch oven. Right? Everybody has that dream, right? This single feels like that dream. While it has the feel down, unfortunately, this song by Brooklyn singer Van Etten drones on at points and gets very redundant. Two out of five stars.

Know Me”—Frankie Rose. What do you say about a song that’s just really average? There’s nothing I really like or dislike about this single. Two out of five stars.

Are you a Ben Kweller fan?

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